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Glossary of Terms used in Semiotic Ecology and Related Fields
Including Corresponding Terms in German, Text in English only

Written for the Website 1998ff. To be used also as an Index to SemEco Essay
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About  the Glossary, English und Deutsch          
This glossary of technical terms gives in as compact as possible phrasing the essential meaning of terms used in Semiotic Ecology and related writings. I consider the use of terms to be primary to their definitions; so my circumscriptions should generally not be taken in a definitory sense. For a definition cannot sufficiently take into account the Relations a thing can possibly enter in any future instance.
In the glossary I mark with * those terms I warn to understand simply in some common or usual sense. I mark with ** terms, including my few neo-logisms, that I use in a rather distinguished way. I capitalize all substantive terms and both words of composite terms that are used in a specific and/or unitary sense. Composite terms appear in the alphabet according to their first part except where their second term is used with more than one qualifier. I mark with ø terms the use of which I avoid except in quotes and paraphrases (for some terms, even in everyday use) and give some reason for this.
German equivalents are given as I use them to assure consistency with my papers in German and in translations. At this time the Glossary exists only in English.
Terms within the entries printed in italics refer to other existing Glossary entries (and latin phrases).
I shall eventually use this Glossary also as an Index to Semiotic Ecology – an Essay on Understanding the Human Condition. The location(s) giving the most comprehensive information there are printed in bold. Also, in the body of that text I mark all terms listed in the Glossary by printing them in italics. Numbers added refer to chapter. paragraph; in bold for the most pertinent passages. Names appearing there will be gathered in a separate List and may include pertinent short descriptions and selected references.
2004.01.20 For the time being I have marked entries in draft state with a box. This does not mean that I find the non-boxed items definitive.
2004.01.20 I have transferred the glossary into that outline format which seems most convenient for net use. Unfortunately it will be convenient for printing only when I can eventually add buttons to expand and collapse all.
The reader may notice some words with initial Capitals. Thus I mark technical terms essential for Semiotic Ecology. Often these terms are used here in some specific sense.
Über dieses Glossar

Abstracting, Abstraction, abstract (Abstrahieren, Abstraktion, abstrakt)
Abstraction Reified * (reifizierte Abstraktion)
Action, acting, active ** (Handlung, handeln, tätig)
Actualization *  (Aktualisierung)
Affinity, affine * (Affinität, affin)
Agent, Agency * (Agent, Agenz) ??
Anaformation, anaform, to anaform ** (Anaformation, anaform, anaformieren)
Analysis, analytical (Analyse, analytisch)
Assumption ** (Setzung)  see also Presupposition, Postulation, Presumption
Autonomous System ** (Autonomes System)
Autonomy, Autonomization ** (Autonomie, Autonomisierung; Eigenheit)
Integration ** (Integration; Zugehörigkeit)
Integrity and Integration
aware of, Awareness of (gewahr von, erleben Gewahrsein von, Erleben)
Basic Evolutions *  (basale Evolutionen)  
Becoming (Werden)
Behavior ø (Verhalten)
Being (Sein)
biotic, biological * (biotisch, biologisch)  
Biotope –> Ecotope
Brain-Mind or Mind-Brain ** (Geist-Hirn oder Hirn-Geist)
Branching (Verzweigung) ⇒ Merging, Evolution, triadic Causation
Causation, Cause * (Verursachung, Ursache)
Causation, linear (Lineare Verursachung) Causation, Triadic
Causation, Triadic * (triadische Verursachung)
Chance (absolute or pure)  (Zufall, absoluter order reiner) see Contingency
Class Logic
Code * (Kode)
Cognition ø (Kognition)
Concept * (Begriff)  
Condition (Bedingung, Kondition)
conscious, Consciousness ø (bewusst, Bewusstsein)
Constructive Methodology or Strategy *  (konstruktive Methodologie oder Strategie)
Contingency, contingent * (Kontingenz, kontingent)
Contrasting Ideas (Ideelle Entgegensetzungen)
Creator and Creature  (Schöpfer und Geschöpf)
Culturality, cultural * (Kulturalität, kulturell)
Culture(s) of the world * (Kultur(en) der Welt)
Cultures, “the two” (“Zwei Kulturen, C.P. Snow)
Culturotope –> Ecotope
Definition  (Definition)
Dignity ** (Würde)
discern ** (aussondern)
Dualisms (Dualismen)
Earth, the planet  (Planet Erde)
Ecology, ecological (Oekologie, oekologisch)
Ecosystem ** (Oekosystem)
Ecotope (Biotope, Culturotope) ** (Oekotop, Biotop, Kulturotop):
Education (Erziehung)
Effect * (Wirkung)
Ego * (Ich)
Emergence (Emergenz)
Emotion, Feeling * (Emotion, Gefühl)
Entity (Sachverhalt)  
Environment (Umgebung)  
Epistemic Correspondence * (EpistemischeEntsprechung)
Epistemology  (Erkenntnistheorie, Erkenntnislehre)
Evolution  ** (Evolution)
Evolution Logic * (Evolutive Logik).
Evolution of Evolution (Evolution der Evolution)
Evolution, biotic
Evolution, cosmic
Evolution, cultural
Evolution, individual
Evolution, mineral
Evolutions, basic or Proto-Evolutions
Evolutions, basic and genuine * (basale und genuine EVolutionen)
Evolutions, genuine
Evolution(s), basic or prebiotic  (grundlegende oder präbiotische Evolution(en)) or Proto-Evolution
Evolution, biotic
Evolution, cosmic
Evolution, cultural
Evolution, genuine
Evolution, individual or psychic
Evolution, mineral
Evolution, physico-chemical
Evolutionary ø  (evolutionär)
evolutive ** (evolutiv)  
Evolutive Assumption  ** (Evolutive Grundannahme)
Evolutive Net, Tree, Chain * (Evolutives Netz, Baum, Kette)  
Evolutive System * (Evolutives System)  
Existence  (Existenz, Dasein)
Existence ø (Existenz, Dasein)
Experience, immediate Experience (Erfahrung, Erleben)
experiential (immediately); experience (immediate) * (erlebt, erfahren; Erlebnis, Erfahrung)
Extension, Extensionality * (Extension, Extensionalität)
Extension or Class Logic * (Extensional oder Klassenlogik)
external ** (external, äusserlich)
Fact   (Fakt, Tatsache)
Generative Semiotic ** (Generative Semiotik)
Generic Evolution * (Generische Evolution)  
Generic evolutive theorizing
Gestalt * (Gestalt)
Habit, Habit Formation  (Gewohnheit, Gewohnheitsbildung)
Horizons * (Horizonte)
Human Condition *  (Menschliche Kondition)  
Human Dignity  (Menschenwürde)
Human Rights  (Menschenrechte)
Identity * (Identität)
Image of Humans (Menschenbild)
Information ø (Information)
Inner World (Innenwelt)
Intention, Intentionality * (Intention, Intentionalität)
Interaction * (Interaktion)
Structure Differentiation ** (Strukturdifferenzierung)
internal ** (internal, innerlich)
Interpretant, Interpretance ** (Interpretant, Interpretanz)
Intrusion * (Intrusion)
Law, lawfulness (Gesetz, Gesetzmässigkeit)
Logic ** (Logik)
Matter-Energy-Formation ** (Materie-Energie-Formation)
Matter * (Materie)
Meaning * (Bedeutung)
Memory * (Gedächtnis)
Merging (Vereinigung) ⇒ Branching, Evolution, triadic Causation

Metaphor * (Metapher)
Metaphysics  (Metaphysik)
Method, Methodic, Methodology *  (Methode, Methodik, Methodologie)
Mind, mental * (Geist, geistig)
Necessity * (Notwendigkeit)
nominal, Nominalism ** (nominal, Nomalismus)
Object * (Objekt)
Person ** (Person)
Perspectivity, perspectival  * (Perspektivität, perspektivisch)
Phenomena  (Phänomene)
physico-chemical (physiko-chemisch)  
Postulation  (Forderung)  see also Presupposition, Assumption, Presumption
Potential * (Potential)
Presentant, Presentance ** (Präsentant, Präsentanz)
Presumption  (Vermutung) see also Presupposition, Postulation, Assumption, Presumption
Presupposition  (Voraus-Setzung)  see also Postulation, Assumption, Presumption
Process * (Prozess)
psychic, psychological * (psychisch, psychologisch)
Quality (Qualität)
Realism * (Realismus): see real, Reality
real, Reality * (wirklich, Wirklichkeit)
Reason * (Vernunft)
Reconstruction Logic * (Rekonstruktionslogik)
Reductionism  (Reduktionismus)
Referent, Reference ** (Referent, Referenz)
Replication  (Replikation)
Representation * (Repräsentation)
Research for the people  (Forschung für alle)
Scientific Method ** (Wissenschaftlicher Methodik)
Selectivity, selective ** (Selektivität, selektiv)
Self-Organizationø ø (Selbstorganisation)
Self ** (Selbst)
Semeconize, semeconization ** (Semökonomisieren, Semökonisierung)
Semion, semionic ** (Semion, semionisch)
Semiosis (pl. semioses)  semiosic  **  (Semiose, semiosisch)
Semiotic * (Semiotik)
Semiotics  (Semiotik)
Sign ø (Zeichen)
Structure Formation ** (Strukturbildung)
Structure(s) ** (Struktur(en))
Subject, Object, Subjectivity, Objectivity ø (Subjekt, Objekt, Subjektivität, Objektivtität)
Subject * (Subjekt): see Subject, Object …
Substance and Attribute * (Substanz und Attribut)
System  (System)
Temporality, Time ** (Zeitlichkeit, Zeit)
Thing (Ding)
Transaction ** (Transaktion)
Triadic Interaction ** (Triadische Interaktion)
Truth, true ø (Wahrheit, wahr)
Umwelt (Umwelt)
Understanding * (Verständnis, Verstehen)  
Universal * (universell, Universal)
Whole, Holism * (Ganzheit, Ganzheitlichkeit)
Will * (Wille)
Y-shaped or “fan” typed Temporality * (Y-förmige oder fächerartige Zeitlichkeit)